Here at Savannah we work with you to make immigration to Canada peaceful. We provide expert advice, guidance and of course quality work to get you to Canada- the land of freedom, peace and success. We offer services to persons both already in Canada and internationally who want to visit Canada temporarily or would like to make Canada their permanent home.

The final decision regarding your application rests entirely in the hands of the visa officer reviewing your file.

Through rigorous training, research, practice management education, and continuous professional development we guarantee we will prepare the best application to be presented on your behalf.

We believe in Canada and we believe that with hard work, discipline and dedication there is a world of success and new beginnings waiting for each and every immigrant as well as bountiful attractions for visitors and we want to be your immigration partner to get you there.

The Savannah brand is synonymous with efficiency, expertise and a friendly partner to take you through the Canadian immigration process. We are here to work with our clients, taking an active interest in their successful settlement in Canada. Through our package services we identify living accommodations, schools, hospitals, professional services such as lawyers and dentists as well as new comer groups for in Canada support such as Partner’s in Settlement and integration. For those only visiting we strive to create a great experience from identifying great local malls as well as monuments and other tourist attractions in the area you are visiting.

We will do the paperwork necessary as well as source living accommodations and provide excursion from the airport to your hotel or home.

We aim to be the leader in Canadian Immigration in the Prairie Provinces and across the Caribbean by providing proven results.

There is a place here in Canada for everyone and we seek to identify the best road map for our clients to get here. We will listen to you, analyze your unique situation and formulate a strategy that will achieve your immigration goals.